Advanced Website Audit

Are you ready to get world class?
Are you ready to invest further in your website?
Is your website under-performing or hit a plateau?
Are your competitor’s websites outshining yours?

We will show you how to take your strong digital foundations to make your website world class and get it performing, so it is the best it can possibly be nationally, before expanding internationally.

You need a great world-class website, which is technically well structured and optimised for mobile and SEO, with clear and engaging content understandable to your online audience to increase leads and win online customers at home, building a website that will boost online domestic leads and sales, and you may even attract a few new international customers.

Alternatively, if  you find online leads and sales have become stagnant and your website is not performing as you think it should, despite your best efforts, we will identify and diagnose any issues that may be affecting your website’s performance and holding your site back from outperforming your competitors.

If you want to take your next step with us, to move forward on the journey to get your website ready for worldwide online growth, sign up for our Advanced Website Audit.


Who is it for?

This Advanced Website Audit is for you if you have started to take digital sales seriously. You will benefit if you have a modern professional website which you want to boost, so it is truly world class and brings in more online revenue. You may even be getting a few international leads or sales each month from your website, but you want to build a great website that will excel in your own country first, ready to grow globally very soon.

It is also perfect if your online leads and sales have slowed down, plateaued or even taken a dip. You may have been working hard on updating your website content, or perhaps you have spent time giving your whole website a face lift and expected new opportunities or sales to come flooding in, but instead, your site doesn’t seem to be generating any interest, leads or sales. It may be that you simply can’t understand why your website is not providing the online business growth it should and you are unsure what to do next.

What does it include?

Our experts will carry out a comprehensive health check of your website or e-commerce website to determine any issues that may be affecting your website performance and find solutions to increase the volume of traffic and conversion rates. This will show you how to get your website functioning at peak performance and give you tailored, practical and tactical actions on how to improve and optimise your website, ready to take it international.

Our experts will cover:

  • Domain set up
  • Website platform
  • Website branding and design
  • USPs and messaging
  • Website navigation (header and footer, top and bottom)
  • Page layout and content (home page, why us, about us, contact us, product pages, service pages, news/blogs, legals, policies, trust signals)
  • Media (videos and images)
  • Calls to action
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO) gap analysis
  • Online lead generation process (if collecting leads online)
  • E-commerce basket and checkout functionality (if selling online)
  • Website speed
  • Mobile friendly
  • Technical issues
  • Resources and team.

For each audit, you will receive:

  • An e-questionnaire to collect background information about your international plans and digital presence
  • A review of your basic online performance in digital analytics tools, such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console, if available (which you share with us)
  • A baseline of your website performance
  • A thorough, personalised audit of your website or e-commerce website against our world-leading best practice Grow Global Scorecard
  • A Zoom virtual 1:1 meeting with you to discuss our recommendations and to ask questions (2 hours)
  • A practical, detailed PDF action plan of top recommendations to implement in the next three months.


Once successfully implemented, your Advanced Website Audit will give:

  • A website aligned to your brand that you can be proud of
  • An increase in online leads and sales in your home country
  • A springboard to increase international sales and future online growth online.

Next steps

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A face-to-face meeting is available in London, Belfast or the South East of England, please contact us to arrange.
An onsite audit may be possible in other locations, please contact us to enquire.

Happy clients

“Working with Sarah to review our website for international sales was the turning point for our business. Up until then, we had mostly sold to retailers (business-to-business) and a domestic audience online. It made so much more sense to move our focus online and in particular towards overseas business. It was a massive challenge for our team, but with Sarah’s prescriptive advice we worked through each new country-specific website targeting audiences all over the globe. Of course our margins were much improved, as we were now selling direct to our customers. We’ve seen our USA sales grow over 150% in the last year and Australia is similar. Our UK sales continue to thrive alongside. 52% of our online sales are now international and our growth strategy for the future is to continue to target new territories and countries for online sales.”
Niamh Barker from The Travelwrap Company

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