Digital Market Research

Grow Global Digital Market Research is for you if are thinking about using digital strategies to grow your business globally, but don’t know which countries to target.

  • Do you know where there is international digital demand for your offering?
  • Do you want to feel confident that you have selected the right country for your digital growth? 
  • Do you know the best options to sell your products or services online in other countries?



Who is it for?

This Digital Market Research is for you if you are committed and ready to grow your business globally using digital channels and want to decide which countries would be appropriate for digital expansion. It is popular among companies with a 7 figure dollar turnover, who are ambitious for fast international growth.

What does it include?

Our assessment will identify and verify where the digital demand exists for your product or service in another country. 

Our experts will:

  • Identify search volumes by country
  • Highlight potential priority countries to shortlist
  • Within the target country, discover which options you could use to sell online.

The Digital Market Research will provide you with:

  • An e-questionnaire to collect background information about your international plans and digital presence
  • A Zoom call with you to discuss the findings of the research (60 minutes)
  • A PDF report of the research findings.


The research will enable you to:

  • Have clarity on which countries have an online demand for your products and services
  • Select a priority country for international online growth based on facts
  • Decide which options you will use to sell online into your chosen country.

How is it delivered?

Our Digital Market Research is delivered as a report supported with an online discussion of the findings via Zoom.

A face-to-face meeting is available in London, Belfast or the South East of England, please contact us to arrange.
An onsite workshop may be possible in other locations, please contact us to enquire.
All meetings take place in English. Meetings can take place in French on request.

Next steps

We would love to talk to you to find out more about your digital and international ambitions, and to assess your current stage on the international digital growth journey. From there, we can help you understand how we can work with you to provide research and insights into international digital demand for your services and products.

We work on a tiered fee basis, to ensure equity of access to our services.


You may also be interested to join our Grow Global Advanced Accelerator.


Need more information?

GET IN TOUCH if you have any questions about the Digital Market Research or would like help to decide which service is best suited to you>>

We love to work with companies who cause no harm to people, animals or the environment.

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